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HomeGuard Home Inventory

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Meet Larry Hoover, proprietor of HomeGuard Home Inventory. Larry represents what I admire about sole proprietors of “small business”: an individual with an eclectic idea that people can benefit from. And like other sole proprietors I’ve worked with… Larry actually cares! He cares about his clients. He cares about the quality of his service, and he’s here to help people help protect themselves. In his own words he is “here to wake up and shake up this (home insurance) industry.
But he’s not selling insurance folks…
Have a listen below.

Financial advisors and realtors can also benefit from HomeGuard’s services.

“HomeGuard provides a service that allows home owners to receive money faster, if they make an insurance claim. A lot of people assume that they’re covered. They assume that they will receive a dollar for every dollar that’s gone. In over 50% of home insurance policies we’ve reviewed, we found that there is a possibly that the home owner could receive $0, if they made a claim.”

Larry Hoover

President of HomeGuard Home Inventory

HomeGuard President Larry Hoover

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