More about me…

As a kid, I tinkered around with disposable and point ‘n shoot film cameras, never had a bad day doing it. I lucked out in high school, as it had a fully functioning darkroom utilized by the yearbook class. The school also supplied a excellent instruction, the slr camera bodies, plenty of glass and the film. Win win win! During this time, I dusted off my mother’s old Pentax slr, and claimed it for my own. This was the same camera that she used during my childhood, to capture candid images and milestones of my brother and I.

After spending some time with that camera, I received my own Pentax SLR camera. It traveled around with me for many years. I still have box upon box of photographs and negatives that were shot with that camera. Time went on. I worked many odd jobs here and there, but the camera and image making were always a constant. After a decade of shooting for myself, I picked up a digital slr. I logged hundreds of hours in online training library, learning about the ins and outs of the digital domain. After this prep work, I enrolled in Georgian College’s Digital Photography and Imaging program.

A few interesting things happened during my enrollment… I received the “Henry’s Cameras Digital Photography Award” at the 2012 Scholarship Show. I was awarded a spot on the Dean’s List. I became the Student Rep to the Dean’s Council for my program. I became an employee of Georgian College under the guises Photoshop Tutor, Studio Technician, Studio Assistant and Print Shop Operator. All the while supplementing my formal education, with my own self directed studies.

I also participated in the Phase One Certified Professional training seminar that took place in February of 2013, at S1 Studios in Toronto. I am now a Phase One Certified Digital Technician. I worked as a freelance Photographer’s Assistant in Toronto, and Barrie.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me a bit better. I look forward to hearing from you.