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Small Business Center Barrie – Portrait shoot

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Featured here: A great example of optimal workflow and efficiency on-set.
People tend to be busy in the throes of their day to day activities, especially in the workplace. The goal of this round robin style shoot was to get each team member shot as quickly and efficiently as possible, without compromising on quality. After the location scout, we established the date and time of the shoot; production took place during a three-hour window. During which, each member of the team came into the reserved room, received a quick make-up job (light powdering), stepped onto the set and was photographed. Each team member reviewed the images on-screen (via tethered capture), selected and signed off on their favourite image. Each individual returned to their daily business after spending only 5-10 minutes with myself and crew. Images were edited and uploaded to the server next day for download. Production wrapped, onto the next one.