Liberty Property Solutions & BK Real Estate Investing

Joint venture with Susan White Livermore of Liberty Property Solutions, as well as Brady and Kristy McDonald of BK Real Estate Investing. Featured below: Individual company profiles and a short series of educational films. A short trailer for BK speaking event:

Write to Empowerment

“There came a point in my life when I realized that everyone deserved empowerment. Write to Empowerment is a series of tools that help bring more positivity into your life, to try and counter act some of the negativity that we have in this world.” Perdita Chivers Owner & Creator of Write to Empowerment Write


“MuniSERV is Canada’s leading online solution to help Municipalities and professionals connect. For municipalities, MuniSERV makes it quick and easy to connect with consultants, professionals and CAOs. When municipalities use MuniSERV, the information (RFPs, bids, tenders) is pushed directly to the individuals it needs to go to. Consultants often have a difficult time getting their

Penni Michaud Designs


“What do I love most about my work? The people. I love working with people I love finding out about their stories, why they’re getting into business, what they’re passionate about. I think having a personal influence on your branding is extremely important. It gives that connection between you and your business. So that when